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Join the LED revolution with Eledea flameless candles

The gently flickering candlelight of the Eledea range of flameless candles is perfect for creating a restful and inviting ambience in any home, hotel or restaurant. As they are flameless, they offer the added benefit of ensuring you can enjoy a clean, smoke-free environment.

Eledea flameless candles are perfect for restaurants as they save costs on wax candles that need to be replaced frequently. Our flameless candles also improve air quality because, unlike regular wax candles, they do not release harmful chemicals into the air.

Eledea flameless candles are safe for anyone to carry by hand as they aren’t hot to the touch and the ‘flame’ cannot burn people or materials, ensuring they meet key safety requirements for adults, children and pets. And, of course, they are also perfect for creating a beautiful ambience in any décor setting or home environment.

Eledea Candles